The Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE)

Welcome to the website for the Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics, and Evaluation (SSCCSE). As Southern Sudan emerges from a period of conflict, the use of statistics and availability of key indicators will be critical to the public and private sector decision making processes, and to the development of our country. The SSCCSE is mandated, by law, to produce official statistics and carry out the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) functions. It will also co-ordinate the National Statistical System (NSS) and provides standards and the use of the standards by all other producers of statistics so as to facilitate integration and comparison.
I invite you to browse our website so you can find the latest news and information about South Sudan, and in doing so learn about the 5th Sudan Population and Housing Census, the most ambitious statistical activity to ever take place in, history of South SOUND. The Commission is also working with all Government of Southern Sudan Ministries and other agencies of Government to build a reliable NSS and will continue to do so as a means of ensuring that Government and donor interventions are informed to better serve the needs of the people of Southern Sudan.