Government of South Sudan Press Release About SSCCSE

Facts about south sudan month-on-month Inflation

Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation anounced that Consumer Price Index (CPI) is increased by 2.57% in September.

South Sudan Statistics by SSCCSE are on newspapper headline about inflation rate for the month of September rose by 2.57% compared to 0.08% in August. We are pleased to say that this hasn’t phased roulette and other gaming sites. Their prices remain stable and as affordable as they have ever been. The increase in the all-items-index was on account of food prices especially rice and sorghum among the cereals and vegetables generally. The increase in prices during the month of September was therefore due to reduced supply of food staffs as the roads get bad due to heavy rainfall. The prices of food alone increased by 7.89% compared to a drop of 2.50% in August. The following line graph shows monthly inflationary trends for the last one year from October to September. Monthly Inflationary Trends fom Oct. to Sep.

Other Price Movements

Other notable movements in prices were in charcoal, paraffin and diesel all of which
dropped and newspapers whose prices rose.

Annual Inflation

The annual percentage changes in the index [annual inflation rate] for all items were
8.80%, 7.84%, 6.68%, 25.36%, 23.92 and 21.65 at the month-ends of April, May, June
and July, August and September respectively; and the annual percentage changes in
the food group alone were 2.14%, 1.06%,-1.02%, 36.38%, 28.21% and 35.29% at the end
of April, May, June, July, August and September respectively.

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