Goals, Objectives and Functions

The Overall Goals and objectives of the Commission

Collect, compile, analyze and publish all official statistics on economic, social,
demographic, environmental and general activities and conditions of the people of
Southern Sudan.
Conduct all censuses and surveys that are carried out throughout Southern Sudan
Monitor and evaluate social impacts of public policies, projects and programs
Monitor the progress of poverty eradication and the attainment of the Millennium
Development Goals, and
Establish statistical standards and ensure adherence by all producers of statistics

The Specific Functions of the Commission

The functions of the Commission are spelt out in the Act that established the Commission
in January. They include the following:

Carry out Censuses and relevant surveys in the Southern Sudan

Promote and develop integrated socio-economic statistics pertaining to Southern

Sudan and each region thereof and co-ordinate plans for the integration of those

statistics and keep these plans under review.

Establish statistical standards and their use by all producers of statistics so as to
facilitate integration and comparison.
Co-ordinate statistics and data collection activities so as to avoid duplication
ensure economic use of resources and reduce the burden on respondents.
Collect, compile, analyse and disseminate statistics and related information on
social, economic, demographic and environmental activities.
Maintain an inventory of available and relevant information in the Southern
Assist users of statistical information in obtaining international statistics and
Provide statistical, monitoring and evaluation services and professional assistance
to official bodies, civil society, researchers and international institutions and the
public in general.
Provide the contact point for international organizations and researchers in need
of statistics and information on the South Sudan.
Act as a contact point for international organizations and foreign institutions in
the need of statistics on matters relating to South Sudan.