Millennium Development Goals

In keeping with the recommendations of the JAM report, the SSCCSE has so far limited its M&E activities to providing data required for these functions. The SSCCSE has, working with other Government agencies and development partners will soon establish a baseline when the Poverty Eradication Strategy (PES) is designed. Before the Poverty Eradication Strategy (PES) is prepared, the baseline data may not be available and that will prolong the period during which the SSCCSE and the Government can measure the progress Government is making towards the achievement of the MDGs. In the meantime, the following activities have taken place while others are planned:

Major Activities

MDGs awareness workshop

  • Formation of GoSS MDGs task force comprising of seven (7) line Ministries and UNDP
  • Preparation for LAF (Livelihood Analysis Forum) final draft document with all Partners.
  • Establishment of LAF focal points at the State Office level